"The Park is not an outdoor museum of sculpture placed statically in a landscape setting, but rather an ever-changing partnership between the artist and environment…"

- Dorothy Riester, Art Park Founder
Dorothy and Robert Riester picnicking

The History of Stone Quarry Hill


On a summer day in the late 1950s Dorothy and Bob Riester packed a picnic and drove from their home in Syracuse to Cazenovia to look at a plot of land, 23 acres in size located just off Route 20 on Stone Quarry Road. They decided to purchase the land and spent the next year building a summer home on the hilltop, taking advantage of views to Cazenovia and Oneida lakes.

“I designed the house to be a summer place, to be small with low maintenance, and to be part of the landscape. The house would be shaped like a cone on its side, two stories high...with a curving facade that would follow the contour line of the hill." 

Over the years Dorothy and Bob continued to purchase surrounding acreage when it became available. In 1965 the Riesters made their summer hilltop home their permanent residence, adding a library and front entrance and expanding the small A-frame studio Dorothy used as work space for her various sculptures.

Officially, 3883 Stone Quarry Road was private residence, but for Dorothy, an active artist and community member, her home, studio, and land were always open for the enjoyment of others.

“By the mid-1980s, we were the owners of some 85 acres of beautiful rural land. We had built trails, gardens, and buildings, and although it was private land, it was still a place where many people came to enjoy the magnificent views, attend special events, and walk the trails.


In 1991 in an effort to ensure the land would always be available to those that had come to enjoy its offerings Dorothy incorporated Stone Quarry Hill Art Park as a non-profit art park. A conservation easement protects the 104 acres of land from future development and maintains the aesthetics of Stone Quarry Hill's history, first as a quarry and then in the late 1800s as a working farm. 

“…we decided our mission would be, along with conservation, to offer a place where artists could create and exhibit their work--an Art Park."


In 2011, its 20th anniversary year, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park was recognized as #2 in National Geographic’s “Top Ten Sculpture Parks and Trails” in Secret Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Best Hidden Travel Gems.


In 2014 the Hilltop House and Dorothy's studio were place on the National Register of Historic Places listed as "The Dorothy Riester House and Studio."  

"The Dorothy Riester House and Studio is significant under Criterion C as a highly intact example of a midtwentieth century modern house and artist studio...the building exemplifies mid-century house design with its use of common, ready-made materials and prominent front-gable massing, large expanses of windows, and open interior plan. However, unlike a typical mid-century house, the building also incorporates elements of Dorothy Riester's sculptural background and her desire to integrate nature into her art."


Today, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park offers visitors an unparalleled experience that is at once, serene yet stimulating, self-directed yet suggestive, familiar yet thought-provoking. 

The Art Park believes that art should be approachable and accessible. Dorothy describes the experience of sculpture as "dancing." Placing art in nature allows people to dance--to experience art on their own terms. The landscape of Stone Quarry Hill Art Park is an interaction of art and nature that changes with the sunlight, the weather, and over time. As an organization the Art Park honors Dorothy's legacy, leveraging its programs and special events to catalyze the creation of new work and to inspire the next generation of artists and creative thinkers. For Dorothy and Bob Riester, the house atop the hill at 3883 Stone Quarry Hill Road was more than a home, it was, and will continue to be, a place where art, landscape, and people connect.


3883 Stone Quarry Road

P.O. Box 251

Cazenovia, NY 13035


(315) 655-3196

The office is open M-F and is located at the bottom of the hill (on the right as you first drive in the park). We try our best to return emails and phone calls within 48 business hours. If you'd like to meet with a staff person, please schedule an appointment.

Image by Bob Gates


"Inspired by the relationship between art and nature, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park seeks to educate and engage the public through its exhibitions, collections, interpretation, and community outreach program in the arts. Set among 104 acres of conserved land and groomed trails, the Art Park is dedicated to providing a unique environment for showcasing art by emerging and established artists, in natural and gallery settings."


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